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The Shame File of non-paying bad debtors

We're a small business, and we love what we do, and believe that we offer our clients a great service at an economical price . . . which we do expect to get paid for.

In fact, we rarely have had any disagreements with our clients about price, and we have a successful and ongoing relationship with 99.5% of all the clients we have ever worked for. A relationship that benefits both parties . . the client gets a good service and we get paid a fair price for our efforts.

Unfortunately there are, very occasionally, instances where a client accepts our service and goods [even at a pre-agreed price] and then refuses to pay.
I'm not referring here to the clients who may be a bit slow in paying accounts, or who have a temporary cash flow problem . . . whilst we are not a bank, we'll always come to a payment arrangement with clients who are in genuine difficulties.
No, I'm referring here to those who really either have absolutely no intention of ever paying the account, or those who are deliberately using OUR money to finance THEIR business.

As it is really difficult in Australia to get real bad debtor justice [because rogue business people know that it's too expensive to fully recover debts under $5000] . . . we've decided to fight back!

This page lists Companies/People who have refused to pay for the services they ordered from us. We may never get our money back, but hopefully other honest small businesses like us may avoid dealing with them.

Each example is not an attempt to defame, but simply lists the undisputed facts so that you can make your own decisions.

CARBON TRADING AUSTRALIA Pty LTD - Philip Uebergang Bad Debtor - $7800 still owing!

RED IVY BEAUTY Zoe Warton Bad Debtor - $253 still owing!

Malcolm Stanley MacDonald / Lighthouse Computer Training & Development - $292.80 still owing!

DFS HOLDINGS PTY LTD Bad debtor | Tom Pearce Bad Debtor - $310 still owing!

Barclay School of Ballet Bad Debtor - $381.70 still owing

Bri-ter Printing Bad Debtor - $606.87 still owing

Lord Monckton Foundation Bad Debtor - $90.20 still owing